Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cool portable hard drives

If someone had told me only a few years ago that I would be walking round with a 2 Giga Bytes storage device in my pocket, I would tell them that they were only dreaming. Today it's a reality and I do indeed have a 2GB flash drive in my pocket.

Nowadays, with the amount of data we generate - from digital images to huge music and video files, even 2GB of storage is simple not enough. Just about a year after you bought that "latest" computer, you suddenly realised that your seemingly huge 80GB hardisk is almost full. Now you can't even backup your data with all the music and video files you have stored up over the months. Then portable hard drives may be just what you need. We are not talking about just any plain ugly looking grey external hardrive but a sleek, cool looking one that comes in 5 different colours.

The all new Store-It Colors line of Portable USB Hard Drives from Pexagon Tech features a small 2.5" form factor hard drive. They come in black, blue, silver, titanium or red and storage space from 40GB ($59.99) right up to 160GB ($169.99).

Best of all you can personalise each drive with your own logo or design on both sides of it for FREE. There are NO setup charge and NO order minimum.

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