Sunday, February 11, 2007

Too many Internet gurus

"I think that it is simply unethical to claim to make millions using a system, when in reality you are making millions selling the system!"
That is an excerpt from a post on The Freedom Net blog

It was an eye opener. The author likens many of the so-called Internet gurus to Amway's Diamond distributors. Feeding of the greed of people to become successful like them.

There are now a mushrooming of Internet gurus all over the web claiming to help others make money. I did learn a lot from some websites but realise that the majority of such sites are just copying what the experts say or just posting news.

Recently a so called SEO expert e-mailed me, offering his services to help me improve my blog's PR. When I checked their website rank, I found it to be lower than mine (ah ok lah blog).

Read the post I’ve Sworn Off All “Gurus”.

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