Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New version of Skype out

Version 3.0 of the most popular P2P online telephony system, Skype is out.

So what's new?
- Group chat with up to 100 people or conference call with up to four.
- Search the web with the Google Toolbar (optional install). Their local search partners will help you find the person or business you’re looking for.
- More features to personalize your Skype. This includes ability to organize your Skype contacts anyway you like by creating groups for'friends' and 'family',etc.

It now comes with loads of addons. The most popular extras when I last checked were Ringjacker, which allows you to hijack your friends Ringtone and KishKish Lie Detector, which can detect the stress level of the person you talking with over Skype.

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